Mera Mehboob Lay Aao

Mera Mehboob Lay Aao

Main Beemar Hoon Mujhy Kiya Gharz Hakeemoo Say…
Agar Meri Shifa Chaho, Mera Mehboob Lay Aao…

I really don’t know what the name of the poet is but as per picture, the poet may be Ch. Asjad Rafiq. Anyways, I don’t care who the hell poet is, I just like the couplet. :p


Who’s dad? A very nice poem about Father

A dad is someone who wants to catch you before you fall but instead picks you up brushes you off and let you try again..

A dad is someone who wants to keep you 4rm making mistakes but instead lets you find your own way even though his heart breaks in silence when you get hurt.

A dad is someone who holds you when you cry,scolds you when you break the rules, shines with pride when you succeed and has faith in you even when u fail.

Don’t hurt me

Hello Dude!

Hope you are all fine and enjoying the life. First of all I would like to wish all the Pakistanis a Happy Independence Day. May the country proper and pave the way to the new heights of prosperity and success.

Well in this happy day, I would give a private message to someone but it is not private anymore because what I am gonna say is for you too. Remember one thing, if you are closed to anyone whether he or she is your friend, father, mother or anything, you’re very important to him or her. When you’re important, then the other person don’t take you as ordinary and he or she expects a lot more from you. When you’re gonna hurt them, it will definitely leave a blank space in the other filled hearts. Do remember one thing, if you hurt somebody, don’t expect the same respect and level of affection from the person you hurt. Do love them and don’t hurt them. :D

Sending romantic text messages to say “I Love You”

In the days before cell phones and LCD screens, lovers professed their romantic feelings for each other by dipping quills in ink and penning poetic love letters accented by elaborate script and even the occasional teardrop stain. The most prolific romantics–like the fictional, lovesick Cyrano de Bergerac–spent long hours coming up with romantic ideas and authoring flowery testaments to their objects of affection before sealing parchment with rose-colored wax and sending the correspondence off with a courier as quickly as one could be found.

Old-fashioned romantic love notes . . . with a modern twist!

Whether by horseback, secret delivery in the dark of night, or even tied to the leg of a pigeon, the romantic love letters of long ago overcame obstacles of distance and oppression to reach their objects of affection. While hand-written messages of love are still a necessary and important part of healthy romantic relationships or marriages today, the contemporary romantic no longer needs to order a fresh bottle of ink or keep a courier on hand to deliver sporadic thoughts of love that innevitably pop up during the course of the day.

Some may complain that modern technology has made romance too cheap and easy, but digital innovation, if used sparingly, can help build a better, more romantic relationship with your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband.

Most people today have cell phones, but I’ve met far too many who are hesitant to try text messaging or who think they would have no use for it. Expecially in a romantic relationship, texting can provide an important, unique forum for you and your lover to communicate in a fun new way.

Skip the small talk . . . and get right to romance!

Instead of making a romantic relationship less personal, text messaging can actually increase the amount of communication by allowing couples to express feelings that they wouldn’t otherwise. If, for example, you have a sudden thought at work of a romantic moment you shared recently with your lover, in many cases you won’t have the time or the privacy to call and talk about it. But text messaging allows you to send a very brief, very private message to your lover without anyone around you having a clue.

In addition, text messaging lets us send little romantic sentiments to our lovers without having to surround our message with the empty small talk and uncomfortable pauses that might come with a phone call. Just a few short romantic words are all that are necessary in a text . . . but we would never dream of calling our lover, saying those same few words, then hanging up right away!

Put thought into what you send . . . but don’t overdo it!

So, what kind of romantic text messages should you send to your lover? That’s up to you. You could decide to send a snippet from a romantic poem or a flowery message every day, but often all that’s necessary is a simply “I love you” or “I’m thinking about you.” Even short, sporadic messages like that will show your lover that they are on your mind and help improve your relationship.

One thing to keep in mind, though: it is possible to overdo text messaging. Because it’s so easy to do, it can be tempting to send text after text during boring lulls in your day. Don’t give in to this urge; it can be expensive if you’re paying a few cents per text, and no matter how much in love someone is they can still get annoyed by too much romance. Try to limit yourself to a few romantic texts a day, and you’ll be amazed at the positive difference it makes in your relationship.

So what are you waiting for? Go plug in to a great new way of using technology to add more romance to your relationship today. Get texting!


My Love For You Girl

Girl I Wanna Get To Know You
No Nobody Else Would Understand
Girl I Wanna Be the Only One
One That you Could Call Your call your Man
O baby girl! We were meant to be
I hope you do, Hope that you see

Nobody could ever love you,
Love you more than love that I would have,
One that would always be there
One that would always play you fair,
I am begging you
Begging down on my knees
Girl it’s true, you’re the one that I need!!

Things I like (MONEY) – Part One

Hello Dear!
First of all, i would like to thank you for your time for me. Secondly, kindly ignore all the spelling mistakes that you will find in this post because I am typing this post on Iphone. Things I lime would be the series about myself. So here is the first part. :D
Today, I want to tell you my feelings and my views about MONEY, the Wealth. What I am discussing in this post is the 100% reflection of my nature. :D

I am very passionate about success, love and most important money. I love money because it is the only thing i believe which will fulfill all my needs and wants. You think i am hungary about money? Hmmmm…… Ya I am. I told you why I am and that is fact. I want money to serve those who are around me and most important my family. I love the feeling when I spend my wealth on my family. I think people who are dependend, will hardly imagine those feelings. When you earn, you actually on the way to polishing yourself. Money plays an important role too in your SAY in the society. when you have money, people would listen to you. When you have character, people will also listen to you but only few people. Because every one in this world is eager of money. There are different ways of earning it but i prefer the business as a source. :-)

What money can do for me?
Here is a interesting question that right now I asked myself. :)

  • Money will give me the power.
  • Money will take me to the countries I wanted to visit as I love travelling.
  • Money can take me to different restaurants.
  • Money can buy me branded cloths as i try to wear. (Very Expensive Fond)
  • Money will gather people around me.
  • Money can buy me a good house and a beautiful car.
  • Money can give me power to multiply it.

Well these are all the points. But i dont want a big house and a lovely car. I am easy with my small home and a cute car. :D ……

Money is very much important to me because I don’t want die with hopes. Just a sime sentence and my whe life in it.

Visit To Bangkok, Thailand

Hello Dear Reader!

Today i’m going to share my experience and visit to one of the most amazing place on earth and that is Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. Thailand is a warm country with three major tourist hotspots including Bangkok, Chaing Mai, and Phukket.

Well Let’s start the tour…

It was the night of January 2008, when my father came from the office and ask me about Bangkok. He said “Would you like to go to Bangkok”. After this question, a person will be idiot who will say no. I said ya sure. He said ok. Here is your ticket to Bangkok. I was like wow what a great gift from my father…

At last, the time came and I got ready for the departure by Thai Airways with my brother (not real). He visit Bangkok often for the business purpose. I was so happy that i’m gonna explore the other parts of the world. I landed to the Bangkok Airport (Suvarnabhumi Airport). The airport is very big. I think you can have two or three airports of Pakistan in that single airport. The airport truly shows the culture of Thailand. Thailand is Buddhist country. There was the big statue of Buddha over there. We rush towards the taxi then and told the driver “Sukhumvit Soi Sam Grace Hotel”. Sukhumvit is the name of the place, soi is the street and sam is number three. Grace Hotel was the hotel where we stayed for one week.

Life at Bangkok:

Though I didn’t get a chance to explore the major attractions of the Bangkok but i really like the shopping over there. People are very sober and very kind. They speak Thai and you feel like they are praising you. But one thing that is very problematic is that prostitution is very common over there. But that is only the dark side of the city what i think. Well you will find many “Seven Eleven” around you. It is the departmental store chain operating in the country. They are like small general store but worth visiting. You will notice how civilized they are. After 7:00PM, there is a completely different life on the roads of Bangkok. You will really enjoy it. There are different kind of street artists, food stalls and other things you will find to make you feel better. One of the most amazing thing in Bangkok City is that you will find every third car a taxi or cab in yellow and blue colors. You don’t even need to tell them where you want to go. Just stop the taxi and sit. While the drive drives a car, tell him your destination. No over charging is there because of fare meter. I think fare are low as compared to Pakistan. You will find every type of human in Bangkok. You will find, Asians, Arabs, English, Indians, Pakistanis, Sikhs etc… This diversity makes the city more beautiful.


This is actually my part. :D If you are in love with brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Zara, Massimo Dutti etc… the best place to find them under one roof is “Siam Paragon“. The mall is new in Bangkok and you will find the amazing things over there. Though they are all very expensive but people buy. I also bought my some cloths from Zara. I really love it. The shopping environment makes you feel like Spend as much as you can. :-) … Your visit is always incomplete if you don’t go for the shopping. But if you want to buy products in low rates, visit the Robinson Mall. You will find good stuff over there. If you want to shop for some traditional things of bangkok, do visit Buglumpoo Market. It is full of fun. :D

There are other shopping spots like China Town, India Town and Bobae. Bobae is the wholesale market of the garments where you will find many people from different countries. It is one of the biggest market in Bangkok where almost 90% are sales girl. I didn’t see boys or males working there much.

We were there at Bobae for shopping, at the time of Lunch, the shop’s sales girl offer me to have lunch with her. When i saw her food, it was like green liquid with noodles. I feel like awooooooo…. And i said thanks. By the way, she was pretty. :D

Muslim Food:

Let’s come to the food. Near the Grace Hotel, you will find a Muslim restaurant “Sharazad”. It is the hotel operated by Iraqi (i think, i don’t remember exactly). The food quality is good and you can have food with full confidence of Halal. The food is bit expensive but you won’t find any other like that. If you wish to go for low expense, on the same area nearby Grace Hotel, there is a small cafe “Mama Fatima” where you can enjoy the sandwiches and other fast food.  If you are still not happy, then go for Foodland over there or Seven Eleven store and have some milk, or drinking yogurt.

But that visit cost me very high. Because after this visit, I have one thing in my mind and that is all about toursim. I will save each penny for the tour of the world from now on… I really like exploring the world. I wish I could go every where in the world. I always search for the packages on the internet and plan the tour. In this year, I have a plan and three countries are on the list, Inshallah, i will visit one of them in this year. Please pray for me… :)

Do reply me… I will wait for you…