Mera Mehboob Lay Aao

Mera Mehboob Lay Aao

Main Beemar Hoon Mujhy Kiya Gharz Hakeemoo Say…
Agar Meri Shifa Chaho, Mera Mehboob Lay Aao…

I really don’t know what the name of the poet is but as per picture, the poet may be Ch. Asjad Rafiq. Anyways, I don’t care who the hell poet is, I just like the couplet. :p


Aisa lgta hai k wo mujh se khafa pehly se tha…

Wo kisi ki zindgi ka aasra pehly se tha,
Kya samjh bethy usay jo bewafa pehly se tha,

Dukh to ye hai k ye ranjishon ka silsila pehly se tha,
Us k or mery darmiyan ye faasla pehly se tha,

Koi dhokay se usay mera qatil na keh uthay,
Us k haathon me ye rang-e-hina pehly se tha,

Wo meri dastan sun’nay se pehly hi ro dya,
Kya wo mery dard se aashna pehly se tha,

Baat krny pr wo le betha purani ranjishain,
Aisa lgta hai k wo mujh se khafa pehly se tha…

I want to hold your hand

I want to hold your hand,
and provide the shoulder for tears.
burdens will be easier
carried between us both

Until death do us part,
and through thick and thin do we struggle
to keep the feelings true
and all the love safe

in my heart
a fire burns for yo,
a desire that can’t be beat
a flame that will never be rekindled

and so as we lay tonight
in our own worlds
may the love never leave
and let the angel of my heart
grow to meet you
and live together
for the finality of oue life