Enigma Of Life

Today I am missing so many people who were once in my life. I sometimes think that what the life is doing with the people around the world. Life gives the new way to success and paves new ways to failure. Some looses lives and some get births. Everyday people are dying and getting birth. It is happening for what? Is it because of the cycle? There is a long history about it. But one thing that I know and I must share is that to act upon on your religion is what the life is. West thinks religion as a private matter but for the social life, it is totally different from religion. Isn’t it painful to have a dual personalities? But thank to Almighty Allah that I am Muslim. Religion is not my private affair and for all the Muslims, social life is the depiction of private life. No tension no problems. Hey!! I have the whole lecture and will be writing soon about it. So just wait for it… :)


Explanation Of Four Noble Truths

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I told you about the four noble truths of Buddha in my previous post that really inspired me. One more thing that I want to share is Buddhism is about live a happy life. To be happy, Buddha gave his followers four noble truths. I was feeling kind of happy that I have got many answers of being myself in this world. I promised to tell you about the explanation so here is it…

Everybody has to suffer:
The first truth according to Buddha is “Everybody has to suffer”. That means like everybody has to suffer with many problems. It might be pain, frustration, illness and many others that ultimately leads to death. Buddha told in this truth that if you’re in this world, then you have to bear. The only thing that you can do for eliminating all your suffering is to eliminate your desires. This is the second truth.

Suffering caused by desires:
Buddha told us the reason why to suffer. The only thing is desire. It is understood that if you have cravings, you will take tension, you will try to work hard in order to achieve that desire. In other words, getting what you want does not guarantee happiness. When I was reading about this truth, my mind recalls the saying of great Mola Ali (A.S) “If you want to be happy, stop wishing”. If you go deep inside this saying, you will drown. Can you imagine one thing, though I am not confirm about right placement of it in here but anyways, if people know that this man is going to die, they ask them about his or her last wish. Please do comment on it. I will be really happy to see your criticism.

Desires can be trounce:
The third truth is that desires can be defeated and happiness can be attained. But the problem is again here that how a human can overcome his/her desires. The one and only answer of this question is Will Power. Let me share with you one amazing thing and I have practice this so many times. If I ever had a wish, I just ignore my heart and wait for letting it come to me. So simple… But I really mean it what I am saying. I sometimes feel like how it is going to be done? Then I realized that there is someone who listen to us and the one is not other than God (Allah). Anyways, let me come to the point. Happiness can be attained through minimizing your wishes and desires. All you need to do is strengthened your will power and it can be strengthened by patience.

End of Suffering:
The fourth noble truth of Buddhism is the 8 fold path which is the path which leads to the end of suffering. The Noble 8-fold Path is being moral through what we say, do and our occupation, focusing the mind on being fully responsive of our feelings and actions, and developing perception by understanding the Four Noble Truths and by developing consideration for others.

So this was all my understanding about the four noble truths. I hope I am ok to make you understand what I really want to say. Do comment on it so that I could know about my response and abilities.
So have nice day with your life and may your tomorrow be a stunning and energetic  … Love you all and subscribe to my blog for more about life.

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