TGS The Global Store Review

Hi there!!! I just been to a new departmental storr in the town. It is TGS The Global Store. I am a grocery shopping freak and i love to shop. TGS is a three stories store (perhaps) owned by the Superasia Group. Ground floor is assigned for groceries. There you can get all the famous brands local and international. 1st floor is for gifts and perfumes with many renowned brands. Second is for Babies and Kids where you can get Baby Items like gears, feeding, toys etc… Third floor is for crockery and all stuff. My part of interest is Grocery and Babies. Every floor has its own billing counter so it is easy for you to shop with less rush. Prices are reasonable and does not seems like having a well decorated store at premium place with more prices as compared to the market. I just love its Baby Section. For me it is like heaven. As a businessman related to babies, i feel this section a complete. Well alligned according to the type of products and setting. The best thing I like about this store is that they also offer vallet parking that is awesome. Just drop your car to the parking counter and get yourself to this heaven. :)
If you want to go, just go the Mini Market Gulberg or learn more by visiting the website and its facebook page.

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Pakistan E-commerce Market Review and Future of Retail

Now a day, in our Pakistani market, online businesses are increasing. But there are many people who are afraid of shopping online. It is because they have some questions in their mind. What we think is that we’re getting busier in our daily life and we don’t have much time to many of the things. Pakistani people who are using internet on daily basis, they at least try to browse the internet once in a day just to take away their whole day tension. Now the question is that why they log in to the internet? Probably most of the people would say they use internet for social networking, watching videos and searching for their interest on Google. If we do such things, why we don’t go for the shopping on the internet? Question is simple but yet to answer by many netizens.

Many entrepreneurs are trying to offer their mind and dreams to the people through internet. Suppose if a website is selling fake products, do you think it would get more response from people? Absolutely not. You cannot sale fake things as people would bang your company. Now the second part is payment. How would you prefer to pay? Isn’t it easy that you only pay when you received your product at your home or office? The best payment option from our point of view. There are number of other payment options available like Easy Paisa, Bank Deposit, and Money Transfer etc… but what we try is to make you feel safe when making online purchases. Though all are secure payment methods but it is the matter of trust. When you start putting on trust on online market, you will get ease in your life. We do not recommend every website as safe and secure. There could be spammers. You will see many reviews about the website you’re making purchase from. It would help you a lot.

There are lots of Online Stores currently operating in Pakistan like,, and Let’s take an example. A newly launched initiative from Pakistan is JustBabyMart.Com. They’re offering newborn baby accessories like feeding bottles, baby bibs, nipples, pacifiers, training cups, gear items, baby bedding and clothing at market price with free shipping to all over Pakistan and on Cash on Delivery. It is one of the best options for those people who are away from their hometown and really wanted to gift or send their baby’s need without being there. All the products are on just one click away. You click on this, you click on that and then you check out and enter the address to send the goods. You’re done. Even if you’re not away from your hometown and if you’re at office and hate to go to the shops or super market just to buy few things for your baby, it will save your time. They can deliver your products same day.

We all know very well that west is going forward in terms of technology and they are living a very good life. It is all because they follow the latest trends and make smart choices. If we start to shop online, we could see the dramatic change in our life. It is one of the cheapest ways to start your own business and ultimately helps in reducing unemployment. The online retailing market is growing very fast in Pakistan and we think that before it is too late, just move on to the next step. We’re predicting that Pakistani Online Retailing will surely touch the heights of success.

Pak Business Express Train Review

Pak Business Express is a very great idea to recover the image of Pakistan Railways. I heard from lot of people that the train is amazing and up to the mark. I agree this. The train is great but i found something disgusting in it that I will tell you later.

Above all, timing is more important. The train starts its journey from 3:30PM and you will be in Karachi or Lahore (from where the train starts) by 10:00AM next day. You may be in other city by 9:30AM. There is no compromise in it. It will help in promoting the discipline among Pakistan Railways. The waiting lounge in Lahore is a great place that is separate from the main Railway Station’s waiting lounge. But due to Load shedding, the AC’s were not working. There is a canteen inside it where you can buy things like food. You will also find a prayer area within the waiting lounge.

Pak Business Express offers the catering of PC and Marriot Hotel in dinner in which there is one dish of Chicken, Rice, Breads (2 naans), Raita, Salad, Kheer in sweet dish and a soft drink. That is enough for any person. Even some people in train couldn’t eat all the food. In the breakfast, they offer two slices of bread with butter and Jan and two Parathas along with omelet. Hmm enough for you. Tea is served anytime on request and it is delicious.

Seating plan is the worst thing I have noticed. In business class, there should not be four berths in a compartment but there are six berths. That makes the passengers kind of uneasy. In every berth, you can have a soft pillow and a clothing sheet (chadar). In every compartment, there are two switch boards available near the top left berth and right berth. Between them, there is a LCD equipped with almost three Indian movies, songs and some religious stuff. You cannot change the channel as it is in the hands of management what they play in what time. In every coach, you can move out from your compartment and sit outside or you can say you want privacy from your compartment members.

There is Evo Cloud (WiFi) in every coach but it ain’t much reliable or effective. Sometimes, the signal drops or there is no coverage in certain areas. So relaying on their WiFi is not a good idea (to be very honest). They seems helpless in making it good for us.

Bathrooms are good enough and no need any comments. :)

Overall, I found that Pak Business Express scored 8 out of 10. I found them very close to Quality Of Conformance.

SmartR, the contacts management app by Xobni


Hey Guys! What up? Hope you are all fine and enjoying your life.
So today I’d like to inform you about the wonderful application for your IOS, Android and Blackbery device. The name of application is SmartR by Xobni. This application will find all the people you know by reaching your emails, SMS messages and phone calls, and automatically create rich contact profiles for each of them. Each profile includes phone numbers pulled from emails (so you have their digits), updates from LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter (so you know what they’re up to), all the emails you’ve exchanged – and it’s all instantly searchable. It will sync your contacts and profiles from selected social networks and email and will get you what you will be needing.

I’d say that it is MUST HAVE application for your phone

Well you will be needing a Xobni account to get started. And after that you will rock. :) I think you will not lose now any of your contact. Another good news for you is that soon it will be upgraded to sync your iCloud on IOS 5.

Download SmartR for iPhone
Download SmartR for Android
Download SmartR for Blackbery

Do post your reviews to tell Xobni how it made your life easy. :)

IOS 5 Review

Hello Dear Reader!
I know my post is late about IOS5 Review. I was actually having a busy schedule and i was also testing this innovative IOS. ;)

Apple has unveiled the next iPhone 4GS. Not only will it be faster and have an upgraded 8 megapixel camera, but it will be powered by iOS 5.

The most important feature is IOS5. It is what we are all waiting for. But unfortunately, there is a bad news that it won’t be Untethered Jailbreak as per rumors and discussions being held digitally.

Now let’s come to some of the most important features of the real IOS5 :)

Notification Center:
Well it i most stunning feature in IOS5 but isn’t new for Android users. You can manage your apps to display the notifications on notification center by swiping down from the top of the screen. Weather, Stocks, Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare. You can add more apps to.

Here’s the biggie. Users can take advantage of the Cloud with wireless backup and restore. As previously mentioned, iOS 5 will also automatically sync and backup to iCloud every time users plug in their phone to recharge and look for updates. Images, videos and files are also backed up to the Cloud and synced down to other iOS devices as well as your PC via iTunes.

Twitter is built-in in IOS5. Now you don’t need to toggle between the apps to share your favorite websites, pages, photos or videos. Just go to menu and tap tweet. All is just one tap away.

Enhanced Contacts:
Now you can add the social network usernames of the person in your contacts too. By tapping the account, you will be taken to the page. You can also add the relations. Its contact feature acts like a CIA Agent which keeps everything about the person. :)

Enhanced Camera & Photos Feature:
Now you don’t need to tap the Capture button on your screens. You can take snaps and make videos from Volume Up button (+) of your iPhone or iPod Touch. It could be the most stunning feature for iPhone 3GS users. You can also edit pictures in your IOS Device. One more thing is that you can also now make albums in your device.

IPod Music:
The best feature in this head is tht now you can delete your songs and videos write from your device. Just swipe left or right on the song and delete.

Now you can use custom tones. You can choose any ringtone for SMS, Alert, Tweet, Or any other tone available. That’s amazing. You can go like Nokia in this feature. :)

IOS Dictionary:
You are reading and don’t know the meaning? No Problem!!!! Just select the word and tap on “Define” to know the meaning. Users of Samsung Galaxy Tab are already experiencing this feature.

What is Suck in IOS5?
Well I have songle sentence and that is

IOS5 is amazing …

I have only one problem with this version and that is Heavy Battery Drainage. :( …….. IOS5 uses more battery than any previous IOS versions. It is all because of mostly Notification Center and iCloud. To prevent this thing, try to manage only most important notifications in it. I use only Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare in Notification Center. You better know what to do or not. Rest is up to you.

I will blog more about this soon. Stay with me. :)

Apple Ipad 2 Review

Hello Friends!
I’m back with the amazing technology news. I am gonna discuss and give you a review about the latest Ipad 2 that has recently launched. So without wasting the time, i would like you to read the next paragraph. :D


Apple iPad 2



Ipad 2 is smaller and thinner than the previous Ipad. If you look at the screen border, you will see the significant change in the border size. It is thin or you can say that it is shrinked in ipad 2 with about 9.7 inch screen size. One of the best thing in ipad 2 is that it will be in the market with the dual core A-5 chip which means it will be 20% faster than the previous ipad. Ipad 2 processor is about 1.2Ghz with the base storage of 32GB. That is pretty nice in a way that ipad 2 is now with more storage and we can do more with this amazing gadget.

If we talk about the camera. ipad will come with the front and rare face camera. Back camera will be of 720P which will be able to make the high performance HD videos in your ipad 2. 960 X 720 will be the resolution of the still photos. New ipad is now a good form of rich communication in which email, browsing and face talk is improved with some additional features that makes it a super gadget. But ipad 2 has to compete the new tablets which are coming soon like Toshiba Xoom. In new ipad 2, the screen resolution is double which is the one of the core reason of high price. Because if we take the costing of the tablets, screens are the most expensive component of the gadgets. But this makes the screen of ipad 2 much brighter and thinner.

Ipad 2 Smart Cover

There is one more amazing thing that is in ipad 2 is “Smart Cover”. The slim yet sturdy Smart Cover protects your iPad screen without covering up its durable aluminum back. It can be fold back and act as a stand for your gadget so that you could use it in more effective and efficient manner. You can set it in a stand position of in a slope position.