World’s fastest Wi-Fi being developed in Israel


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Named after the Roman emperor Caesar Augustus, it served as the capital of the Roman province of Judea and became one of the centers of early Christianity. Now the port city of Caesarea is home to luxury houses like Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s – and the company developing the fastest Wi-Fi in the world. Wilocity is a 60-person company in Caesarea’s industrial zone that is developing what it describes as “the world’s first multi-gigabit wireless chipsets” based on new standards for super-high-speed Internet. The chips will be able to transmit data at a speed of seven gigabits per second, almost 25 times faster than one of the highest home Internet speeds currently available, 300 megabits per second. With every generation of the product, capability improves and speed increases, said Yaron Elboim, Wilocity’s vice president of engineering, who handles the company’s activities in Israel. “As soon as you have speed, there’s no end to the applications.” The company has secured $105 million in funding, reflecting investors’ confidence in the specialized set of chips coming from an ancient Roman city, far from the spotlight, that could zoom Web use to a whole new realm of speed. With 300 megabits per second, users can download a two-hour high-definition movie in 2.2 minutes, run 14 Internet-connected devices simultaneously or download 10 songs in 1.4 seconds, according to technology website Digital Trends.

“This kind of communication lets you play a high-definition movie from the computer on the television screen, without freezing,” said Elboim. It lets you backup your smartphone on your computer and vice versa in seconds, where today it takes hours. Megabits or gigabits per second is only part of the story, said Elboim. For a difference of 10 times the speed on paper, the effective difference is almost 100 times, since Wi-Fi slows down when there are a lot of users on the same system. In an office using standard Wi-Fi, Elboim said, “Dozens of office workers are sharing Internet access, and it’s very slow. We replaced all the company employees’ Wi-Fi chips with our chip, and they go online with almost no restrictions.” That’s because unlike the current Wi-Fi technology, Wilocity’s high-speed version does not split up the bandwidth among users. While this is an advantage of the technology, there’s also a major downside: The router and the computer have to be in the same room. It works from a distance of 100 meters, or 328 feet, but is not effective through walls or other physical impediments. Wilocity recently concluded a $35 million financing round that brought in Israeli venture capital funds like Alan Feld’s Vintage Investment Partners and Shlomo Kalish’s Jerusalem Global Ventures. Other investors include semiconductor manufacturers Marvell and Qualcomm and networking equipment maker Cisco. Leading foreign funds are also inside, including Sequoia Capital, Benchmark and Tallwood Venture Capital. Wilocity’s microchip technology has already been embedded for about a year in some Dell computers geared toward businesses. The next generation devices, which are in an advanced stage of development, will have even smaller and more energy-efficient chips. The super-fast technology is based on new WiGig 60-gigahertz and IEEE802.11 standards for Wi-Fi. The new standards were approved in March of this year, and is expected to become the primary standard in computing over the next few years. 

“First it will go into the business routers, then to computers for the consumer market and later, the standard will also reach mobile,” said Elboim. “It’s a matter of price.”

SourceWorld’s fastest Wi-Fi being developed in Israel


Saudi Arab is the biggest threat to the world peace

The role of Saudi Arab and Arab countries is very clear to the world and specially to the Muslim countries around the globe. It is said that they’re responsible for all the bloodshed in the Muslim countries like Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Egypt etc… They’re the cash machine for Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations. They fund them to kill and promote their brand of Islam. Situation is getting worse day by day. They only label their brand as a true Islamic brand rest is garbage for them. They label them infidels and kill them. They should know the killing of a person is equal killing the whole humanity. Their role towards Islamic countries is depicting the bad side of Islam. How can the people of Kaa’ba promote to kill other Muslims on the basis of just they don’t agree with their brand? Saudi Arab is the world’s largest buyer of Ammunition and Weapons. Is there anybody who can ask them for what they purchase this much weapon? To whom they are afraid of? Don’t they know that If Saudi Arab is attacked by anybody, Muslims will stand for them? Then who gave them the right to fund and run Al-Qaeda? According to the document of Wiki-leaks, Saudis are funding Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups in the region. Arab countries should tell the reason giving Financial Assistance to United States and its allies for attack on Syria.

As far as I know about the situation of Syria, I feel and I strongly believe that Arab countries sent Jihadis to Syria to kill people on sectarian basis. Same as they did in Pakistan. World strongly condemn the use of chemical weapons and had used in Syria but not from Government. It is Arab funded Jihadis who fired chemical weapons. There’s a clear video uploaded on the internet in which those Jihadis are injecting chemical to the dead bodies to proof they’re killed by Chemical Weapons.

I have concluded that Saudis and Arab countries are not sincere with Muslims. Because they work for the interest of United States and Zionism. It is clear to the world that these oil flooded states are biggest threat to the Muslims around the world. But what could be the end of doing this all? Next time it’s their turn. Simple…

The 6 Most Terrifying Foods in the World

The 6 Most Terrifying Foods in the World

Humans are like goats. We’ll eat any damned thing. Just ask the people who make Power Bars. In fact, you’ll find foods in this world that don’t even seem possible. Not just that they could exist, but that people would actually stick this stuff in their mouths without a gun to their head. Click Here To Read More

Game is Game, Not a War

Hello Dear!

Hope you are fine and i pray to God about your good health and life. May you live long.

Today I just want to share a little thought that is Game is Game. There is a concept in India and Pakistan that whenever there is a cricket match between both the countries, the people of both the countries become very aggressive. Thinking of these kind of aggressive people in both the countries is like it is the final game and there will be no game again. Sometimes, media creates so much hype about the game. Like you can see the video given below about the Semi-Final of Pakistan and India in WorldCup 2011.

After view the above video, Just tell me one thing that what could be the purpose of using such aggressive wording for the report? I really don’t like it not just because I am Pakistani. I am not biased in any of my post.

Now look at the Pakistani media report…

After looking at this video, what are your views? Do you think there is kind of harsh attitude in the talk? I don’t think so.

Now I would like to say all my Pakistani and Indian people that please try to make it a game not a war. War is once in a century but game, you play 100 times in a year. Don’t show your extra-ordinary love that makes your muscles pull. I have heard so many times that a man should never expect. Pakistani and Indian teams are highly unpredictable teams in the Cricket and you can expect anything. May be you’re thinking about the victory but your thinking can be wrong. When you expect more, the more you hurt yourself. Calm down and enjoy your game.

Haar Jeet hoti rehti hai mery dost…



Death Of My Father

inna lillah wa inna ilaihi  rajioon.
inna lillah wa inna ilaihi rajioon.

You can’t even think what i am feeling about the life as my father passed away on 24th September.  It is really shocking for me that I am feeling that now the roof is no more above me. I’m helpless. There’s no shelter. I am scared of the people who were good to us when he was alive. Now those people attacked on us like the eagles.

Message To My Father:

Oh father!!! Look, what the people are doing with me after you. Those people you loved the most now abusing me and insulting you. Who can provide me the shelter like you? Do other really sincere like you? After you, they are looking at me with the hungry eyes. I know you told me that after me, people would hurt you. That’s true and that is what i am facing after you. I can really see the crocodile tears of my relatives.  You made me learned many things. I am proud that you made me learned even after death. I haven’t seen the that much big funeral (janaza) – (جنازہ) in my whole life. You teaches me the real life. You teaches me the sincerity, and help for all other. You teaches me how to care about. You teaches me what  are the things that money can’t buy. You teaches me money is not everything. You’re really a good father who didn’t every hurt me during your life. Now I’m helpless from humans. You didn’t mention the name of that person from whom I can take money like I used to take from you. No one in this world can replace you. Now I am on the bridge in there is disaster at the right side and peace at the left side. Who will hold me? I can’t forget your pains during your ailment. Everybody is appreciating me that i really served you more than the thinking of others. But nobody asks me that how could you die if I really served you. I’m so abashed. Please forgive me. I know you used to pray for me for my servings for you but I am not internally satisfied for what I did. Please be with me in every turn. Now there is no one who can hold me and guide me the right way. People are found so selfish.

May Allah bless you best out of best and give you the best place in heaven. But please do wait for me. I know you are alone here. But I am helpless. I will come to you when the order will come and I will definitely be with you. I will tell you that what people did with your beloved son. I’m shedding tears. Who will wipe them?

Khawaja Naveed Haider

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